Five spring fragrances that embody everything we love about the season.

Spring is here, finally! Honestly, is there any better feeling in the world than the first warm weeks after months of bitter cold? From active afternoons in the warm sun to evening walks as the sun goes down, every activity is imbued with the excitement of the new season. Here are five of our favorite spring fragrances that embody everything we love about the season all at a reasonable cost!

While hefty perfume bottles look mighty pretty atop a vanity, travel sprays come in handy, too. Welcome to the style box a collection of 9 mini scents to match your mood- Bergamot, Orris, Vetiver, Book, Moss, Wool, Gold, Mimosa, Rain. All for incredible price! 
Sometimes, when you try to spray a heavy perfume, you walk out of a dizzying haze of fragrance wondering where you put your gas mask. Not so with this amazing scent of the ocean. Think walking on the beach with smells of sea salt in the air and a warm breeze on your face. Largo marine Oceane Eau De Toilette in under $30 and it encompasses every love you might have for the beach. 
We were skeptical about this perfume at first, but then we realized it's the subtlest way to leave a lasting impression. Enter Diptyque Des Sens which is of course is known for making the best candles, but this cute bottle locks a refreshing scent all over body just like you walked out of the best smelling home. 
If you're sensitive to scent, this lightweight Philopshy Pure Grace Nude Rose won't offend your delicate nose. Notes of greens and rose make you think of freshly cut grass, and cedarwood gives it a subtle weight.
Make every day cherry blossom season with this invigorating The Rituals Bed & Body Mist doubles as a body spray and linen mist, and enables you to skip laundry day and watch Netflix in bed instead — what's not to love? You can shop all of our favs under our beauty department.