How did Jen and I meet?!? My oldest son (Chase) and her middle son (Sam) were in the same preschool class at Primrose. I vividly remember the end of year class party in May of 2011 (I was very pregnant with my second son;) and happened to sit next to Jen. We mentioned we should get together for a play date. But you know how that usually just don’t find the time or you were just being nice making small talk. Not us!! They came over the next week. I remember she brought a huge thing of bubbles...just one of the MANY sweet gestures she has done!! Well, the rest is history...going on 8 years of friendship-BESTIES👯‍♀️
Our families..we are like one big extended family! Jen is married to Alex, who is an orthopedic surgeon (we rely on him for all medical inquiries😂). She has 3 amazing kiddos Will (11), Sam (10), and Elle (8). Yep, she was busy!! They have a sheepadoodle (Olive) and a bearded dragon (Nessie). 
Amy is married to Scott, who is in the venture capital world (I still sound ignorant when I try to talk about what all he does🤪). She has 2 incredible boys Chase (10) and Ethan (7), and a new mini Goldendoodle (Bo Jackson). 
We have lived in the same neighborhood, on the same street in Carmel, IN. Having all graduated from Indiana University, we are all huge Hoosier fans!! We vacation together, wine and dine together, and attend the many sporting and academic events our kids participate in! It takes a village, and we are truly thankful for ours!!