Five years ago over wine on a girls trip in Scottsdale we decided to take a leap of faith! A big one! Both loving fashion and exploring local boutiques where ever our adventures took us, we decide to open a women’s clothing boutique back home in Carmel, Indiana. Crazy? Yes! But both of us felt like in our soul we had to do it. beauty + grace opened September 2015.
Boy were we lucky! We opened the doors with 38 designers and it was full of such beauty, love and positive energy. We had tremdenous support of local community and all of our friends/family.  We traveled to/from New York Fashion week 3-4x a year leaving our hubbies with all the kids at home hoping everyone made it to all their school functions and sports practices. The store was thriving and we were honored to be named the Best Local Boutique for Indianapolis, one of the highest awards in our city. 
During all of our years running beauty + grace, we fell in love with more than women’s clothing, but also beauty products, kid clothing/accessories, home decor to just to name a few. When a lady approached us about buying beauty + grace and expanding it after 3 years, we really had to soul search once again. Do we sell this baby of ours that we worked so many tireless hours on with 4:00am wake calls to get our daily work in before the kids all woke up? Will we miss all of our clients that came in weekly just to chat with a coffee while they shopped clothes that made them feel confident and beautiful? YES, was the answer to both! But then over more wine one evening, we had a epiphany. We could start a lifestyle blog to share all of our expertise we learned in the industry and still promote beautiful clothes and also include things for kiddos/hubbies/home. Then at that moment our next baby was born.  sheer beauty madness.