Our Story

Life is CRAZY! We all juggle too many things in this wild world. We are suppose to know the latest and greatest in everything we need for a healthy and happy family, including self love for ourselves. Right? All while googling the greatest and most reasonable face cream and tinted sunscreen to erase our middle age mom lines and sun damage? Or which sports bra to buy that will truly hold your girls up but still look cute when you are trying to squeeze in a 20 minute workout to lift your glutes? Or how much wine is really ok to drink in a week while planning your healthy recipes that you hope to really make in between four kid activities? All of this should be answered by feverishly researching everything on 12 different sites while sitting in the school carpool line for the last 20 minutes of quiet time before the kids coming bouncing in. Ha!  Lol. 
Everyone who aspires to a life well-lived with a whole lot of fun —a life that includes a happy home, bringing friends together, a passion for health, food, fitness, style, home and a strong sense of self—we’ve got you! Consider this your go-to guide to living well and truly happy all on one site. We have compiled truly tested products that we believe in as moms, as women. Middle age women! It’s a place to come when you’re feeling lost inside your own head with doubt. A place for inspiration, motivation, and mostly, a place to remind you that your’re absolutely not alone. SO friends we are proud to officially introduce to you,  @sheerbeautymadness
We really hope you like, actually love it, and gives you hope for this crazy, wild world. CHEERS!  xoxo, JM & AF